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Yeşilyurt Lisesi adına hazırlanış olduğunuz Web paketinden oldukça memnunuz. Emeği geçenlere teşekkür ediyoruz.
Fikret ÖZ
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Weekdays : 08:00 - 19:00
Weekend : 09:00 - 18:00
Yalova : +90 226 461 3800 (pbx)
Kocaeli : +90 262 452 2222

Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Kocaeli IT needs to do to be a dealer ?
First on our website '' Vendor Application Form " to fill out the information contained in it is necessary . After you have completed your application in a short time we communicate with you through the relevant Dealer Representative will handle all the information about how the process will give .

2 - What are the Documents to be prepared for Franchise ?

• Applicant's Republic of Turkey Photocopy of birth certificate along with the ID number
• The company 's tax and business license copy of work
• Residence
• Legal entities photocopy of the registration of the Trade Registry Gazette and signature sample

3 - Which City in reference to the dealership agree ?
All provinces have started our franchise application . To apply for dealership now there is no restriction of any province .

4 - The dealer is responsible to the orders which stage ?
Dealers briefly ;
• Orders received and with the correct information to be entered into the system
• The order , contrary to the terms specified in the contract does not contain content that conforms to the rules controlling
• Ensuring the procurement timely and complete payment and so on. is responsible for such stages .

5 - Stand monthly or yearly sales quota or do I have to take in order to ?
There are no monthly or annual quota .

6 - What kind of technical support for Your Company Stand gives ?
Stand on our web site created by Franchise Systems , order generation , order tracking , reconciliation, and so on. We provide facilities .
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