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Office Training

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Personal productivity increase and many more business 's business environment contribute to the aim to ensure the improved Microsoft Office System , many people already know the familiar tools are based and designed to work with servers, services and desktop software provides .

Use time efficiently in today's information age , information and communication to accelerate , making efficient analysis , this analysis required for all employees who wish to report a software. Whether you want to improve your personal skills , specific skills needed for a project that you want to hear, Microsoft training and certification programs to help you achieve your goals is to intend to run . Through our training can be more productive in a very short time , can be easily adapted to new technological standards .


- Introduction to Computers , Internet and Windows Operating System
- Microsoft Word
- Microsoft Excel
- Microsoft Powerpoint
- Microsoft Publisher
- Microsoft Outlook

Save 70% at the end of training provided all participants will receive certificates of participation in education

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Public Web Systems
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Public institutions and organizations our web package developed specifically for schools, municipalities and government departments can use all
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