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Serdar CANLI
Okul Müdürü / Malatya Mareşal Fevzi Çakmak Anadolu Lisesi

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Weekdays : 08:00 - 19:00
Weekend : 09:00 - 18:00
Yalova : +90 226 461 3800 (pbx)
Kocaeli : +90 262 452 2222

About Us

Questions and / or to produce quick solutions to problems that we prepare our website ; business use or plan to use in your life to serve a very visible alternative , you can select the appropriate ones among them .

To provide solutions to you, our experienced team is our main goal .

After having listened to our suggestions and find solutions services you have requested , especially to compare us with other companies that can give you encourage. Because of our work is in the appreciation of individuals or organizations , could be admired by everyone in all of our work we are aware .

Kocaeli is a period of over 10 years of IT experience , adding experience to continue to serve you . Today, in a very dynamic programming platform and web -enabled software programs to determine your needs with technology by providing you with quality service beyond aims to bring together .

How We Work?

- In response to demand from you , our expert appropriate makes a preliminary discussion with you
- In line with the preliminary interview you prepared a preliminary study
- We receive feedback on preliminary studies we offer
- Change where you want it corrected , work prepared again.
- If you do not like contracts we offer are prepared to work .
- Along with all of our services do Warranty Certificate is issued.
- Technical and Personal Support is provided throughout the contract period .
- You are not satisfied spots are strongly taken into consideration .
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kobiteam CRM
Yalova Bilişim Web Design
kobiteam Computing CRM Kocaeli, enhanced by superior-featured web-based Customer Relationship Management application
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