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Fermanlı Durmaz
Aşçı / Anadolu Yemek

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Yalova : +90 226 461 3800 (pbx)
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Why ? Marketing and Turkey to spread across the e-commerce environment that you think you can share your products can increase your sales.

Features With the expansion of emerging technology and the internet which is becoming increasingly common in our country e-commerce to serve anywhere at any time, you can increase the marketing power of your products. E-commerce and web advertising, when done in sync together, sit where you are unable to reach where there is no selling to do. E-commerce packages include advanced features. News content management, detailed cargo management, social media marketing, dealer infrastructure, mobile payment, ssl certificates, credit card module, XML integration, product comparison module, smart filter system, excel product from the transfer, the mobile site as well as features.

Where to Use ? All companies targeted for sale over the Internet may prefer. Only companies that seek to advertise their products may opt webkob. Attracted a lot of interest, especially small businesses that offer e-commerce small business, starting with the possibility of unlimited growth soon be able to compete with the industry's giant companies are able to come.

E-Commerce Ready Webs No ready webs, please call us ( 0 226 461 3800 - 0 262 452 2222 )

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E-mail Promotion
Yalova Bilişim Web Design
Products and services, he or she will meet with an audience of e-mail marketing allows you to perform projects
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