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kobiteam CRM

Why ? kobiteam Computing CRM Kocaeli, enhanced by superior-featured web-based Customer Relationship Management application

Features In line with market competitiveness of enterprises increasingly creating happy and loyal customers, identify customer needs and the need to make the right audience with the right marketing was created to provide solutions.

kobiteam take advantage of the CRM is web based, the extra cost of the server and host, obviating has reduced costs. High investment costs for not being more economical and convenient gelmektedir.web kobitea CRM-based applications and the integration with your website therefore reveals the difference from other CRM products.

Where to Use ? Target considering strengthening customer relations, proposals, invoices, etc. from one place to keep track of paperwork to do comfortably, aiming reporting that value, the monitoring of technical service operations is ideal for companies that want to do.

kobiteam CRM Ready Webs No ready webs, please call us ( 0 226 461 3800 - 0 262 452 2222 )

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