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Barcode Systems

When we look at today's conditions, in accordance with the advancement of technology to get rid of some cases puzzling stores are Barcode Systems . Barcode system, the mutual trust with customers is the biggest support . Namely, without the use of barcode system when purchasing products offered for sale , the customer in mind " I wonder if I may have said more price?" Question is formed. To get rid of this case, the barcode system used.

Keep track of your inventory with barcode system , you can take control of your buying and selling , you can turn in your favor over time thanks to the barcode system . By labeling the products in mass production stage , thanks to the barcode number that you have given to your products prices and product information can immediately see on the screen .

Kocaeli IT distributor bringing our country as the world's largest brands Boer Computing Inc. are working with. Product categories and details can be found on our e -commerce .

Barcode Label Generation for Devices :
Barcode label printer, all you will need for the production of products under the brand name of Eco-Label in our facility located in Istanbul are manufacturing our technological machine park . Special orders fast and high-quality production to suit demand , our company has been working with cargo anywhere in Turkey .

We manufacture our label type :

- Aluminium Labels
- Double Storey Label
- Drop Label
- Data Tag (Polyethylene)
- Deepfreeze Thermal Label
- Skin Tag
- Assisted Label
- Eco Thermal Label
- Farma Tag
- Fastyr Label
- Fluorescent Label
- Glosswhite Label
- Gold Coated Label
- Security Tag ( Void Label )
- Jakron Tag
- Japanese Akmaz
- Fragile Label ( Security )
- High Gloss Label
- Coated Label
- Laminated Thermal Label
- Laser Tag
- Matt Polyethylene ( PE Matte ) Label
- Matte Polypropylene ( PP Matte ) Label
- Metal Label
- Metallized Plastic Label
- Nonwoven Label
- Opaque Label ( Polyethylene)
- Opaque Label (Polypropylene)
- Camouflage Label
- Plastic Label
- Satin Labels
- Semi Thermal Label
- Silver Coated Label
- Transparently Label (Polypropylene)
- Vellum Tag
- Whitemat Label
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Public Web Systems
Yalova Bilişim Web Design
Public institutions and organizations our web package developed specifically for schools, municipalities and government departments can use all
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