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Social Media Engineering

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Developments in technology and information from every sector to the growth of the company , the online market opening , as well as contribute to the formation of electronic commerce , in the end user in accessing and interacting played a major role .

Who is the end user ?

Engaged in trade over the internet in marketing their products , they want to reach the masses of people are trying to sell . End-users , from home, from work with internet connection and use the online world to meet the needs ( which might use ) persons. According to others, you can be the end-users .

Developments in communication with the end user in accelerating much more quickly penetrant , but can also be seen the negative effects of continuous online access to the internet on your end-users who are a big part .

End-user in the group we we and you also of this group are within the Internet environment, social media so that you know internet sites on shares files, articles sending pictures and belongs to groups and individuals ties with continuous online try to keep it .

Social Media Engineering, looked online trying to protect the end-user 's attention to yourself to take a supply of the foundations another words, the internet medium is active potential customers you had in mind , wants and needs , seeing beauty shop from your inward step is to ensure that .

Facebook and twitter about social media is the high mobility of the areas that experienced by the target audience of this activity you should be there in .

Social Media Engineering success , at the right time group 15 -18 year olds where a group of cars trying to sell the analysis , true discovery and intelligent approach your target.At this point in Kocaeli IT sector as an appropriate form of social media, what what do you do about where you are trying to support .
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