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Sitenizi web tasarımı konusunda bilgi sahıbi ,bu konuda uzman olmadan kullanabilmek en önemil unsur.Şimdiye kadar okul sitemizi güncel tutmak konusunda zorluk çekmekteydik.Herkesin kullanabilceği kolaylıkta , içeriği çeşitledirlmiş,hizmet alanı yeterli sayılabilecek düzeyde bir web sitesi hazırlanmış.Yenilikliklerinizi bekliyoruz.
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E-mail Marketing

Your company, your activities , your campaigns more in less time with someone to share E-mail Marketing can use our service . E- mail , publicity and promotion work , starting with the formation of the internet and mail account and had begun to lose effect , though still a preferred method of marketing .

E-mail marketing methods , unfortunately, extremely dense , fraudulent and annoying to the extent that in our country this process more smooth In order to make certain statutory provisions   electronic mails to be uncomfortable in the name brought these arrangements in the context of spam called mail submissions banned. Therefore completely taken permission from them mail submissions made  to the list of members , excluding all other methods are considered as illegal .

E -mail marketing to make certain strategies  such as " this product that we are selling " writing makes no sense as the mail person reading angle is also quite impulsive  .  mail Marketing services actually advertising strategies with nested prepared in a manner and most of you to reflect on the best way to be sent .

Today, more humorous approach , product prices realized in an instant special discounts, etc. presentation forms , but the e -mails when they reach  therefore a good e- mail marketing to make , primarily advertising your company strategy well analyzed and determination , in this light the e-mail campaign's preparation is required.

Information as Kocaeli you do e-mail advertising and marketing strategies are providing the necessary support about .
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