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Hazır Okul veb sitenizi yaklaşık 1 aydır kullanıyoruz çok çok memnunuz.her yönüyle güzel bir site..herkese tavsiye ederim..gerçekten okullara dost bir site kar amacı gütmeyen sadece tanıtım amaclı bir uygulama emeği geçenlere sonsuz teşekkürler...güzel günlerde görüşmek dileğimle..
Okul Müdürü / M akif Ersoy İ.Ö.Okulu

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Network (Lan) Systems

Computer and network systems to solve problems in everyday , practical or professional needs in accordance with the facilitation of ICT in Kocaeli you in the light of technological developments try to provide the best quality service . Through network systems in your office , you are using your home printer, scanner products , such as the environment , you can use the files in cooperation with other network users .

Network setup can be wired or wireless . Banks, municipalities, public areas and companies that need more Network installation services now also widespread in small office and home.Network clean install and requires robust network infrastructure . Network infrastructure cabins, outlets , panels , cables, includes important components such as cable channels .

If you do not want in your workplace pollution cable , wireless network setup on the demands of our service users  Network installation services are provided at your home .. Many have computers at home and play at least two mutually share files , use the internet as a common advantageous Network installation is spreading every day .

Network ( LAN ) services covers the following topics .

- Local Area Network (LAN) Systems Organization
- Network Installation , Network Cabling , Wireless (wireless network) installation
- Wired and Wireless Network media support problems and their solutions
- Network installation, identification and sharing of resources
- ADSL installation and failures
- Internet Security Systems Linux Firewall installation
- Security Hardware and Software
- Network setup projecting
- Network cables , sockets, installation of cable channels
- Installation of the cabinet and panel
- Operating system installation, setup and adjustment of devices

NOTE: LAN Cabling during our solutions within our company with our expert electrician in addition to laying cable channels , cable into the wall or floor to hide the secret of cabling services are also provided.
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