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Data Recovery / Backup

Data Recovery Services computer, digital camera and video , mobile phone and data loss experienced in all types of recording media in any case, serve with a high success rate .

Data loss is primarily exposed to power your drive outside of the closure and the failure to intervene gerekmektedir.üzer to write to a physical work or recovery programs to try to make backup more data on the disc may lead to loss .

Rescue operations software and hardware into 2 groups ayrılmaktadır.software problems licensed software and data without harming  process analysis for fee  .  backed by the virus deleted , the operating system is opened and unintentionally delete the data as software  

Hardware problem by checking the disc in an office environment Laboratory ( Clean Room )  our partner in the media containing your private rooms opens. Dismantled by experts on specific devices connecting to the media before the data is turned into corruption from damage .
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