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Saadet Ökten
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Yalova : +90 226 461 3800 (pbx)
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Project Development

Kocaeli ICT , entrepreneurship , human resources and R & D project management, consulting and training available in the areas you identify problems , develop solutions , and both about integrated working short, concise , and efficient conclusion to reach new projects to produce or existing projects seek to develop .

A lot of domestic and international projects and R & D in the pool, our company is in continuous review and analysis , industrialists, businessmen and investors Outsourcing , such as problem solving, we offer solutions in a very matter .

The purpose of Project Management Methodology , a standard method and method of IT projects , disciplined, well-managed, quality of products or delivery of results by securing is carried out under a given budget and time constraints . Project Management from the excess of the variables only and does not provide the solution as a standard way . Every organization formed in its structure should re-evaluate the methodology on a project basis and then should start to work .

Methodologies are not fixed and immutable . Projects should be developed with the experiences and recommendations , there should be assessments of the processes in terms of organization , should be encouraged those who want to express an opinion about it . Methodology should grow together with the organization as a living entity . According to the process of optimizing the organization will improve methodology .
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Journalistic sector gained momentum in parallel with technological advances nowadays, the internet is increasing the importance of media
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