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Türkiyede sanırım bir konuda ilksiniz.Birşeyi pazarladıktan sonra onunla ilgili memnuniyeti devamlı arayıp soran .Bundan dolayı teşekkür ederim.çalışmalarınızda başarılar diler saygı ve sevgilerimi sunarım
Nuri Pehlivan

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Interactive CD

Interactive CD you unlimited images, text and audio will offer . All your company a single CD with the fairs, in seminars , customer negotiations highest quality representation   number of products in a catalog which gives the opportunity Interactive CD, the world around your customers your company , your products and services to promote their this information to ensure access to the most practical way.

Hiding a very short time the brochure is trashed . However, due to the interest in a CD today's technology is always at hand . 700MB br CD into the high-quality formats to 30 minutes , close the image close to two thousand pictures, pages and pages of text and numerous animations can be added to your company and your workplace how to reach , products, motion pictures , and even officials to speak up all existing text, pictures and film can also be utilized . CDs and DVDs on offer in our numerical size is increased 7-fold .

As mentioned above, the simplest form of interaction is the use of the menu . However, in a conventional video or animation of using the menu persons living in areas that can be clicked on , according to the mouse movement interaction elements like behaviors are also used. Even what might be termed passive interactions , a variety of situations in the viewer's computer automatically detect the change of content will be available depending on the device used in such an interaction .
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Engaged in product sales, technical services and the services they provide that the website may choose to integrate with is our solution for those who want
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