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Camera Systems

In order to prevent a breach of security through the use or non- use of CCTV Security Camera Systems , has become a part of our lives .

In order to choose the appropriate system for your needs , we review the system in three distinct phases .

1 - Camera Selection
2 - Recording System Selection
3 - Monitoring System Selection

First, the camera will be used to determine the location ( indoor or outdoor) and ambient conditions made  by the camera selection box will be the right move . Cameras will be used in the external environment that should be given to housing .

The next step is   the desired resolution of the superstructure designed only to set up the system is not enough. To minimize the cost of cabling infrastructure in place to position the light intensity of  camera is an important factor in the selection . Day , is more than the amount of light coming from the background to display a desired part of the net as a result may not be detected . In order to obtain a more comprehensive picture WDR ( Wide Dynamic Range) , BLC ( Back Light Compensation) , HLM ( High Light Masking ) that prevents features like burst of light that is required.

Registration for the selection of the system in which resolution of the cameras , how many fps ( frames per second ) than is necessary to determine whether and how many saves the day . HDD hard disk capacity required for the calculation of a calculation app will help you .

For optimal viewing , in order to choose the most important issues we should pay attention is the amount of the system's size and needs . For example, all the cameras in a system   " on a monitor will be very difficult to follow . Here 32 " monitors using CCTV monitoring can be done much more comfortable .
Monitoring systems monitors typically 42 to be used for continuous monitoring " and CCTV monitors are designed to be installed in the console . An alarm is triggered , the event of the fall of the image on the screen ( the pop-up function) security personnel to be positioned in front of the small-sized monitors . This type is called SPOT Monitor monitors . In this way, the control and management of data will become easier
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