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Antivirus Software

Antivirus software , encountered in all areas of life , but little is produced in order to solve the problem of harmful viruses . In the home environment where computers are located in an office environment anywhere risk of infection ; these reason, your home to your office , your mobile phone from your workplace in every field we recommend that you use antivirus software .

For the security of the computer you always number one in the world I would recommend Kaspersky Lab antivirus program .
In operation since 1997 , Kaspersky , antivirus feature in 1999 against the first server system developed and since then has continuously been at the forefront of innovation .


Internet Security - multiple devices in 2014 :
When performing banking transactions on the Internet , while shopping or browsing the same regardless of which device you use you will face security risks . Malware , cyber crime and identity theft PC , Mac , smartphone or tablet can affect your ability , so all devices connected to the Internet, you need to protect . Kaspersky Internet Security - 2014 multi-device PCs, Macs and Android devices to protect against all threats on the Internet only licensed , multi-platform solution.

Anti-Virus 2014 :
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014 offers the latest malware threats in real-time , cloud -assisted technology provides basic antivirus protection for your PC is included . Smart virus scanning and small , frequent updates, "behind the scenes " work , this solution without creating a significant impact on PC performance both known and emerging provides proactive protection against threats to your PC

PURE 3.0:
For superior PC security solution Kaspersky PURE Total Security , select 3.0 . Digital identity , documents , photos, music files and passwords , including your PC, the latest and advanced protection against malware and Internet threats offers all the features you need to .

Internet Security for Android :
Android-based phones and tablet computers has been developed to protect

Password Manager :
Kaspersky Password Manager securely stores your passwords and data to be entered into the web pages are fully automate .


Increased dependence on the Internet for information processing and computers in all enterprises from malware and cyber crime has become more open to attack . Valuable business information, all online financial transactions and sensitive data is at risk.

Small businesses, large companies are faced with the same security risks , but these businesses often complex to configure and manage IT security solutions or resources is not enough time for . Kaspersky Small Office Security , installation , configuration, and designed to be easy to run enterprise provides protection technologies . This solution, Windows-based PCs , file servers , Android smart phones and tablets while preserving your online banking transactions , business data and relying on you give your customers the information is secured .

Kaspersky Security Center organizations a flexible, scalable anti- virus protection management model allows to use . Whether you want a small group of machines in a distributed network of complex , whether it can work on any size network . Easy installation and time-saving management system that makes it possible protection Kaspersky Security Center with the management of any Kaspersky Lab's anti-virus solution is to minimize the total cost of ownership .
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