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Mücahit TUNÇ
Okul Müdürü / Hakkari Merkez 23 Nisan ilköğretim okulu

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Database Training

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Why should you join:
For applications that use the database to dominate, logical structure and configuration of additional interventions needed to be able to understand, for those who want to write database applications with databases belonging to various media education can be taken.

Have the procedure done before with databases, more logical modeling, database design, which dominates Microsoft SQL, MySQL, and access databases are suitable for those who want to learn more about.


- Sql Basic Level
- Sql as a Middle Level
- Microsoft Sql Server Installation Methods
- Microsoft Sample Databases
- Microft SQL Server System Databases
- To set the increment size of the database file
- Shrink Databases (Shrinking)
- Create a Backup Strategy
- Restoring the System Databases
- Data transfer architecture
- Database Mirroring (Database Mirroring)
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