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Günümüzde artık bir zorunluluk olan web sitesini bu kadar kolay uygulanabilir hale getiren ve biz idarecileri büyük bir yükten kurtaran Göksu Beye teşekkürler. Ayrıca her istediğimiz zaman kendisine ulaşabiliyor olmamız da büyük bir avantaj.
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Yalova : +90 226 461 3800 (pbx)
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Corparate Consulting

Kocaeli Computing as a company's corporate structure you need in your entire process for the management of assistance to help you . Human Resources Consulting , Process Management Consulting , Organization and Management Consulting as the institutional structure repairs on to go to the issues we support .

Constantly renewing itself with the training of Kocaeli Informatics, which produces solutions for your organization's IT processes by integrating corporate infrastructure processes , and performance in terms of time until you find the perfect scale analysis continues.

Today , unfortunately, do not have a business plan , even hundreds of thousands of business  plans , objectives and processes to do so without consulting a plurality of pulses , is losing its effectiveness over time . Therefore a correct best interpretation of the requirements plan, and this plan is available.

Kocaeli as IT , business process management, enterprise consulting businesses of the importance they give free seminar and your business in the current economic conditions that may render stable solutions We describe .
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Journalistic sector gained momentum in parallel with technological advances nowadays, the internet is increasing the importance of media
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