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Tek kelimeyle harika....İstekleri anında yerine getirmeniz müthiş bir olay.Sizleri kutluyorum.
Tamer Küçüksüle
Müdür / Hocacihan Hüseyin Yıldız İlkokulu

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Ready Package Systems

In your home, your workplace or are important to you in many settings you can easily use and Kocaeli IT professionals by the simplified assembly equipment is easy thanks to the installation you can do economic security system packages with a very affordable price your own security can provide.

Anywhere in the world by connecting the storage device to the internet via Ethernet via IP address can view live images, you can change the settings of the recorder and past images can backup your computer monitor.

Can listen to live audio, images of the past can no longer watch from a mobile phone. (Modem do not allow remote connection to your recording device for the use of recording devices and the web port, modem port on the media should be directed to the ip address of the recorder.)
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Yalova Bilişim Web Design
Webkobi, Kocaeli Informatics ready-made web products across the  associations , rooms , etc. all sectors prepared in accordance with Webkobi package with the administration of your website entirely in your hands olacak.cms (Control Management System) to your website from anywhere at any time easily update which can be frequently used web elements will be able to publish your website .
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